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About Karen Ruhl Photography
Karen Ruhl is a Professional Photographer, Photojournalist and Stock Photographer. She began taking photos as a young girl. As an adult, she had mentors work with her teaching her both film and digital photography. She has also taken many photography courses to continue to learn her craft.

Karen stays busy with her photography and also offers design services. When asked what her specialty is, she often replies, "bringing smiles to my client's faces and creating memories that will last for generations to come."

Karen loves to work with budding photographers and offers classes to beginners. Karen and her husband, Craig, take every opportunity to explore the beauty around them while Karen shoots stock and landscape shots. 

Karen's images have been used in collateral material for local, regional and national clients. Her work has been featured in magazines and on billboards. Karen’s articles and photos have been featured on the front page of several newspapers in Ohio. 

Karen is also a published author and speaker. Karen is the Editor In Chief, Writer, Publisher, and Photographer for Faith On Every Corner, a digital magazine. www.faithoneverycorner.com

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